Hürrem Sultan'ın Hançeri
Hürrem Sultan'ın Hançeri
Hürrem Sultan'ın Hançeri
Hürrem Sultan'ın Hançeri
Hürrem Sultan'ın Hançeri

Dagger of Hürrem Sultan (FSM1682)

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"The visual and design of this product are the property of Ottoman World. Unauthorized copying will result in legal action against the individual."

Dagger of Hürrem Sultan


Hürrem Sultan, one of the most influential and powerful women of the Ottoman Empire, left an indelible mark on history with her elegance and strength. This unique Dagger of Hürrem Sultan, reflecting her nobility, power, and spirituality, is a perfect example of Ottoman art and craftsmanship. Only one piece of this dagger has been produced, designed as a special gift and a valuable collector's item.


Historical and Artistic Features


Handcrafted Handle: The handle of the dagger is meticulously adorned with tulip and floral patterns unique to the Ottoman Empire, showcasing the delicate and detailed craftsmanship of Ottoman art.


Precious Stones: The ruby and turquoise stones on both sides of the dagger enhance its elegance and value, reflecting Hürrem Sultan's splendor and grace. The vibrant red of the ruby and the tranquil blue of the turquoise add a mystical meaning to the dagger.


Artistic Blade: The blade of the dagger is inscribed with the phrase "Praise and thanks be to Allah" through intricate handcrafting. This expression symbolizes the deep spirituality of the Ottoman era and Hürrem Sultan's devotion to Allah.


Ottoman Velvet Covering: The entire dagger is covered with vintage Ottoman velvet, offering a touch of historical elegance. This velvet covering adds a nostalgic air to the dagger while reflecting Hürrem Sultan's nobility and grace.


Gold Plating: The dagger is completed with 24-carat gold plating, giving it a luxurious appearance. The gold plating symbolizes the splendor and richness of Hürrem Sultan's palace life.


Nobility and Power of Hürrem Sultan


Hürrem Sultan is one of the most important figures demonstrating the power and influence of women in the Ottoman Empire. As the wife of Suleiman the Magnificent and an active participant in state affairs, Hürrem Sultan is known for her intelligence and determination. This dagger reflects Hürrem Sultan's nobility, power, and spiritual depth, preserving her legacy.


Exclusive Production and Gift Value


This dagger, produced in only one piece, is offered as a high-value collectible item. Accompanied by a special gift box, this dagger is a very special piece combining history and art that you can present to your loved ones or gift to yourself.


Reflecting the elegant craftsmanship and historical depth of Ottoman World, this dagger beautifully represents the graceful and powerful spirit of Hürrem Sultan. By adding this unique piece to your collection, you bring the splendor of the Ottoman Empire into your living space. This dagger is not just a gift but a precious keepsake carrying the spirit and legacy of Hürrem Sultan.

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