Fatih Sultan Mehmet Sadâk-ı Şâhâne
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Sadâk-ı Şâhâne
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Sadâk-ı Şâhâne

Royal bow of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror (FSM1656)

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This Royal Belt named after Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror is a historical masterpiece reflecting the grandeur and elegance of the Ottoman Empire. Carefully crafted by skilled hands using the ajour technique on brass material, the intricate details enhance the piece's value and aesthetic appeal. The metal is covered with vintage Ottoman velvet, adding a historical touch. The genuine leather Ottoman belt is adorned with ornate metal accessories and stones, giving the piece a unique aesthetic. The belt includes a bow and three arrows, adding an authentic touch. Displayed on a marble stand, this cultural object holds both historical and aesthetic value and is produced in a single piece.


What is a "Sadak" in the Ottoman Empire?


In the Ottoman Empire, a "sadak" is a quiver used to carry a bow, typically slung over the shoulder. It was an essential accessory for warriors and hunters. Besides being a functional item, it was also an ornate object symbolizing the owner's status and wealth. Sadaks were adorned with leather, metal, and precious stones, gaining both aesthetic and spiritual value.


This unique sadak holds spiritual significance for bearing the name of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror and reflecting the splendor of the art and craftsmanship of his era. It is an excellent collector's item for those interested in Ottoman history and cultural objects. This sadak is both a bearer of historical heritage and an aesthetic masterpiece.

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