Fatih'in Mirası: Ya Fettah Kapı Tokmağı - Ayasofya'nın Manevi Çerçevesi
Fatih'in Mirası: Ya Fettah Kapı Tokmağı - Ayasofya'nın Manevi Çerçevesi

Legacy of Fatih: Ya Fettah Door Knocker - Spiritual Frame of Hagia Sophia (FSM1646)

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Hagia Sophia Door Knocker (Ya Fettah) - Frame Dimensions: 40 x 30 cm

The door knocker of Hagia Sophia is a symbol of a spiritual heritage that has reached the present day from the depths of history. This unique piece is made from high-quality metal and measures 40 x 30 cm, including its meticulously crafted frame. Presented in a special velvet-covered gift box, this meaningful item reflects its historical and spiritual value while offering a captivating aesthetic.


Historical Background: Following the conquest of Istanbul, Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror placed this door knocker inscribed with "Ya Fettah" on the door of Hagia Sophia. "Ya Fettah," one of the 99 beautiful names of Allah, means "The Opener of All Doors, The Solver of All Problems, The One Who Judges with Justice." This sacred word was inscribed with the prayer "Oh Allah, The Opener of Doors, Open the Doors of Goodness for Us" on the Dar-ül Mukaddes.


Product Features:

  • Material: Metal
  • Frame Dimensions: 40 x 30 cm
  • Special Box: Velvet-covered, elegant, and durable gift box
  • Spiritual Depth: This door knocker is not just an object but also the essence of history and spirituality. Every touch takes you on a journey to the conquest of Istanbul and Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror's grand vision. The inscription "Ya Fettah" symbolizes the power to overcome all difficulties and the opening of doors to goodness.


Usage Areas: This high spiritual value product can be chosen as an executive gift and is a perfect choice for those interested in history and spirituality. Presented in a special velvet-covered box, this unique piece can be given as a meaningful gift to your loved ones.


Key Features:

  • Historical and Spiritual Value: This door knocker, placed by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror after the conquest of Istanbul, is unique in terms of historical and spiritual value.
  • Aesthetic and Elegance: The iron material and velvet-covered gift box provide an elegant presentation.
  • Special Design: Meticulously crafted and mounted within the frame.


By gifting this highly spiritual item to your loved ones or important guests, you can offer them a meaningful and lasting present. The door knocker of Hagia Sophia will allow you to feel the depth of history and spirituality in your home or office.


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