Hürrem Sultan'ın Zarafet Şerbetliği
Hürrem Sultan'ın Zarafet Şerbetliği
Hürrem Sultan'ın Zarafet Şerbetliği
Hürrem Sultan'ın Zarafet Şerbetliği
Hürrem Sultan'ın Zarafet Şerbetliği

Hurrem Sultan's Graceful Sherbet Jug (FSM1658)

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Hurrem Sultan's Sherbet Jug


Hurrem Sultan's Sherbet Jug is a magnificent piece that showcases the elegance and craftsmanship of traditional Turkish arts. This sherbet jug is made from a blend of brass and copper, shaped entirely by hammer blows delivered with human strength. Thousands of hammer strikes have given the jug its current form, with each blow creating a masterpiece crafted with patience and care by skilled artisans.


In the Ottoman Empire, sherbet held significant importance as a refreshing drink, especially during the summer months. At feasts organized in palaces and mansions, sherbet was served to guests. In the 16th century, sherbets were an indispensable part of Ottoman cuisine, prepared with natural fruit extracts, medicinal herbs, and spices. Hurrem Sultan's Sherbet Jug is specially designed to keep this rich cultural heritage alive.


The pomegranate motifs on the jug symbolize abundance and prosperity. Red stones placed within the pomegranate patterns resemble pomegranate seeds, giving the jug a graceful and appealing appearance. These details add aesthetic value to the jug while also carrying deep symbolic meaning.


The lid features the crescent and star, the symbol of Turkish states. This emblem enhances the jug's historical and spiritual value, making it not just a functional item but also a piece of cultural heritage. The jug has been antiqued to give it a historical appearance and is produced in its original dimensions.


Reflecting the nobility and elegance of Hurrem Sultan, this sherbet jug is named after her for a reason. Hurrem Sultan is known as one of the most powerful women of the Ottoman Empire, renowned for her grace, intelligence, and nobility in the palace. This jug reflects her aesthetic sense and elegance, embodying her spirit in every detail.


Hurrem Sultan's Sherbet Jug is a gift of high cultural value, attracting attention with its elegance and grace. As both a historical object and an artistic masterpiece, it is the perfect choice to present an unforgettable gift to your loved ones. This sherbet jug brings the grandeur of the Ottoman era and the uniqueness of Turkish craftsmanship to the present day, adding a historical and aesthetic touch to your home or office.

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