Kaftan Çerçeve
Kaftan Çerçeve
Kaftan Çerçeve
Kaftan Çerçeve
Kaftan Çerçeve
Kaftan Çerçeve

Caftan Frame (KF001)

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Vat included : $460.71
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This Unique Caftan, Shaped by Magical Hands Meeting with Hammers, Will Add the Elegantness of Ottoman History to the Space It Is Found. Each Point on the Kaftan is a Trace of the Hammer Hit by Hand Power. Pomegranate Branches Representing Blessings And Small Pomegranates Are Decorated On The Kaftan. Sleeve, Skirt, and Collar Parts are Covered with Fabric. It Has Become Antique by Applying the Art of Antique. It Is Mounted In The Frame. It is a completely handmade product that you can give as a gift to the office and home of your loved ones. It Is A Stylish And Unique Gift In Its Special Velvet Covered Wooden Box. It is an artistic product that will add value as time passes, due to its handmade nature.

Product sizes

Frame Size: 54x52 cm

Caftan Size: 33 x 32 cm

Curreny Unit:

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