Kalima-i Tawhid Turkish shield
Kalima-i Tawhid Turkish shield
Kalima-i Tawhid Turkish shield
Kalima-i Tawhid Turkish shield

Kalima-i Tawhid Turkish shield (YS8093)

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Kalima-i Tawhid shield ; It is a defense tool used to prevent and scavenge the attack of war tools such as swords, spears, maces from the opposing force. The shield, which is an important piece of armor used in wars and ceremonies in all Turkish history, was also one of the most critical equipment of wars during the Ottoman period. Today, it continues to be used as an elegant decoration material in the homes and offices of history buffs, Turkish culture enthusiasts and statesmen to keep the ancient memory alive. This work of art, which is completely made of copper, has been produced with hand workmanship in accordance with the original. Shields from the period exhibited in Topkapı Palace and Harbiye Military Museum were used in the design and manufacture of the work. The Kalima-i Tawhid was engraved on the shield with meticulous handwork by skilled hands. While giving the shield its original appearance, the art of aging was used. It has been produced in accordance with the original size by adhering to the actual dimensions. The "Ottoman Shields", which were formed as a result of the meeting of the exceptional hands of our copper and embroidery masters, who unfortunately are few in number, are used today as an elegant, extraordinary and original decoration product in offices and homes to reflect the traces of Ottoman history. It can be displayed on the table with its marble stand, it is a meaningful, original, prestigious gift that you can present to your loved ones and will always remind you.

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Height : 50 x 50 cm

Height with stand 60 cm

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