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Jewelry Box (FSM1651)

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Product Description


This unique box is designed with inspiration from the box that holds the sacred soil of Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) grave, which is displayed in the Holy Relics Department of the Topkapi Palace. The entire box, made of copper, is shaped with meticulous hammer strikes by skilled hands. The engravings and motifs on the box are carefully handcrafted.


The box is adorned with stones, reflecting the love and sensitivity the Ottoman Empire had for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The antiquing technique applied to the box adds a historical touch. This special container can be used as a jewelry box or for preserving sacred soil. It is also a meaningful gift for your loved ones, especially for friends who hold high positions.


The special velvet-lined wooden box gives it an elegant and chic appearance, allowing you to present a unique and spiritually significant gift.



  • Height: 12 cm
  • Base Width: 14 cm


Usage Areas:

  • Jewelry Box: Ideal for storing your valuable jewelry and accessories. Its elegant design provides both secure and stylish storage.
  • Sacred Soil Container: Preserve sacred soil with high spiritual value in this special box, keeping it as a meaningful memento.
  • Decorative Purpose: Use it to create a spiritual atmosphere and as a decorative element in your home or office.
  • Gift: Perfect for those seeking religious and spiritually significant gifts. Suitable for presenting to friends in high positions, loved ones, or as a meaningful gift on special occasions.


Spiritual Details: This box goes beyond being a mere physical object, containing deep spiritual meanings within. Adorned with details reflecting the profound love and respect the Ottoman Empire had for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), each hammer strike, motif, and engraving is a masterpiece of skilled hands and hearts, embarking on a spiritual journey. The stones on the box symbolize the elegance and delicacy of the Ottoman Empire, while the antiquing technique carries the deep marks of time and the texture of history.


This unique box, with its high historical and spiritual value, is also aesthetically stunning. It will be one of the most meaningful gifts you can give to your loved ones, embodying the elegance of the Ottoman Empire and the love for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The spiritual meanings hidden in every detail make this box special and unique.

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