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Ottoman Necefli Pitcher (FSM1659)

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Necefli Pitcher: A Cultural Gift Reflecting the Grandeur of the Ottoman Empire


The Necefli Pitcher is a unique replica that authentically reflects the elegance and historical significance of Ottoman palace flasks. Inspired by the aesthetic design of the flasks used in Topkapi Palace, it is specially crafted from brass. The entire pitcher is softened by annealing and shaped by hammering.


Handcraftsmanship and Ottoman Motifs


The Ottoman motifs, meticulously hand-engraved, enhance the pitcher's value and elegance. Stones and dragon heads mounted in special settings emphasize the aesthetic richness and historical depth of the pitcher. The pitcher is colored using the art of antiquing, giving it a matured look over time.


A Nostalgic Work of Art from TRT


In the early 1970s, this pitcher was featured on the screen during broadcast interruptions by TRT, offering a nostalgic journey into the past. Sharing the pitcher as a special work of art on screen played a significant role in bringing the culture and art of the Ottoman palace to the present day.


The Grandeur of Cultural Heritage


This pitcher is considered part of the rich cultural heritage of the Ottoman Empire. It carries the spiritual value of Ottoman palace flasks and stands out as a gift for high-ranking officials or as a collectible piece due to its special design and details.


The Use and Diplomacy of Ottoman Palace Flasks


Ottoman palace flasks, adorned with precious materials such as gold, silver, and ivory, symbolized the wealth and splendor of the palace. These flasks, used by sultans and high-ranking officials during special ceremonies and receptions, also played a significant role in diplomacy and gift-giving culture. Each flask is regarded as a unique work of art reflecting the rich cultural heritage and grandeur of the Ottoman Empire.


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