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Osmanlı At Alınlığı
Osmanlı At Alınlığı

Ottoman War Horse Helmet ( Gold-plated ) (FSM1549)

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"The visual and design of this product are the property of Ottoman World. Unauthorized copying will result in legal action against the individual."

Ottoman Horse Helmet 

It was designed as a result of meticulous work, making use of the 17th century horse helmet exhibited in the Harbiye Military Museum. The helmet, which is completely shaped by handwork, has been designed in accordance with the original size, The motifs on the helmet are also handcrafted in accordance with the original. The whole piece is 24 carat gold plated. It can be kept in the special LED skylight frame and displayed at the same time. It was produced by our company with the same care and sensitivity, in accordance with the care shown at that time, for the horses, which have a special place in Turkish culture. Frame dimensions are 87x 52 cm. Since the work is produced in limited numbers, it is a rare work as well as being of high quality. You can easily choose the work for all your loved ones, especially your friends with high positions and positions. It is a special gift that will add value over the years.

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