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Seljuk Ruler Shield (FSM1642)

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Seljuk Sultan Shield


A unique blend of history and spirituality, the Seljuk Sultan Shield is a masterpiece that brings the splendor and spirit of the Seljuk Empire to the present day. Inspired by the shields of the era displayed at the Topkapı Palace and Harbiye Military Museum, this shield embraces the grandeur of the past and the hopes of the future simultaneously.


Each hammer blow is a testament to strength and craftsmanship, shaping this shield. At its center stands the mighty eagle, symbol of the Seljuk State, with its wings spread wide, flanked by elegant relief strips representing the eagle’s wings. The circularly inscribed Basmala and the opening verse of the Surah Al-Fath, "Indeed, We have given you a clear conquest," adorn the shield as symbols of victory and divine power. This shield is not merely a defensive tool but a spiritual shield, a prayerful armor.


The hand-driven rivets around the edges enhance the shield's durability, while the felt lining and leather straps on the back provide comfort and ease of use. These fine details showcase the elegance and craftsmanship of the Seljuks. When hung on the wall of your office or executive room, or displayed on a desk, this shield transcends mere decoration; it becomes a living symbol of history and spirituality.


Measuring 50x50 cm, this shield is crafted entirely from copper, with an antique finish imparting a timeless aesthetic. The Seljuk Sultan Shield is not just a historical artifact, but a work of art reflecting the pride, honor, and spiritual richness of the Turkish nation.


Incorporating this shield into your home or workplace means bringing the grandeur and spiritual depth of the Seljuks into your living space. Every detail harbors the magic and might of Seljuk history. The Seljuk Sultan Shield is the most elegant expression of your respect for history and culture, a bridge spanning from the past to the future

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