Sultanın Kaftanı
Sultanın Kaftanı

The Sultan's Kaftan (FSM1647)

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Kaftan Frame

This unique kaftan frame, which brings the elegant splendor and deep spiritual values of the Ottoman Empire to the present day, is poised to be a favorite among art and history enthusiasts. Each hammer stroke breathes life into this artwork, showcasing the craftsmanship and mastery of Ottoman artisans. Every detail on it tells a historical story; the pomegranate branches and small pomegranates symbolize abundance and prosperity.


The sleeves, hem, and collar of the kaftan are meticulously covered with fabric, given an antique look through the art of aging. This gracefully prepared kaftan is mounted in a carefully selected frame, enhancing its artistic value. This handmade product, which will find a special place in the offices and homes of your loved ones, offers elegance and nobility in its velvet-covered wooden box.


This rare piece is not only a visual feast but also opens the doors to a spiritual journey. You will find the soul and aesthetic understanding of the Ottoman Empire in every detail. This artistic product, which will increase in value over time, will become a valuable legacy that can be passed down from generation to generation.



  • Material: Brass/Copper
  • Frame Dimensions: 54x52 cm
  • Kaftan Dimensions: 33x32 cm

To offer your loved ones an unforgettable gift with both historical and spiritual value, choose this unique kaftan frame.



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