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Ottoman Palace Flask (FSM1648)

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Ottoman Palace Flask


This unique Ottoman Palace Flask is a modern interpretation of historical craftsmanship and art. Completely handcrafted from hammered brass, this flask stands out with its elegant details and aesthetic design.


  • Material: High-quality brass
  • Production: Hand-hammered and shaped
  • Design: Adorned with Ottoman motifs


  • Dragon heads symbolizing power
  • Crescent with Ottoman motifs in the center
  • Crescent and star on the lid representing the Turkish flag
  • Chain made with hand-woven iron rings
  • Ornaments: Colorful stones mounted in special settings
  • Appearance: Aged look applied to give a historical artifact appearance
  • Size: 38 x 31 cm
  • Box: Presented in a special gift box


During the Ottoman period, flasks were used to store water and other beverages. They were also known to be important items carried by palace and high-ranking individuals. These flasks were notable for their durability and ease of transport, while their elegant decorations symbolized social status and wealth.



The Ottoman Palace Flask is shaped with thousands of hammer blows, each visible across the flask. Inspired by the period flasks displayed in the Topkapi Palace Museum, this flask is crafted to bring the grandeur of the Ottoman era to your home.


In the Ottoman Empire, flasks used by sultans and palace households were considered objects of high functional, artistic, and cultural value. The dragon heads on the flask symbolize power, while the Ottoman motif crescent in the center and the crescent and star on the lid represent Turkish heritage and the Turkish flag. The chain made with hand-woven iron rings completes the flask's elegant and authentic look. Carefully placed colorful stones add extra allure to the flask.


This Ottoman Palace Flask is not just a decorative object but can also be considered a historical work of art. It can be gifted to loved ones in its special gift box or added to your collection. With its historical touches and elegant design, this flask will add sophistication to any space, showcasing the finest examples of Ottoman art and craftsmanship

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