Sultanların Tören Kalkanı
Sultanların Tören Kalkanı
Sultanların Tören Kalkanı

Ceremonial Shield of the Sultans (FSM1641)

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Sultan's Ceremonial Shield: A Representative of Ottoman Grandeur and Elegance


Inspired by the period shields of Topkapi Palace, the Sultan's Ceremonial Shield is meticulously designed to bring the richness and elegance of the Ottoman Empire into the present day. This magnificent piece, shaped by traditional handcrafting techniques and hammer blows, features intricately engraved Ottoman motifs that elevate its aesthetic value. The shield is also adorned with numerous stones, adding a dazzling sparkle.


The shield measures 55x55 cm, 5 cm larger than standard sizes, giving it an impressive presence. Antiquing techniques have been applied to achieve a stylish and authentic appearance. The shield can be displayed on a wall or on its special stand on a desk, adding elegance to any setting.


The interior is lined with felt and finished with leather straps, making this piece not just a decorative object but also a prestigious gift that represents the richness and grandeur of the Ottoman Empire. The Sultan's Ceremonial Shield is a perfect choice for those who wish to relive the magnificence and elegance of the Ottoman period.


In the glorious days of Ottoman history, the shields carried by sultans during ceremonies were not just defensive tools but also symbols of power and elegance. These shields demonstrated the sultans' might and their appreciation for art. The Sultan's Ceremonial Shield brings this historical legacy to the present day, reflecting the splendor and spiritual values of the past.


This shield, used in the grand ceremonies of Ottoman sultans, embodies both historical significance and spiritual meaning. For those who wish to journey through the magnificent periods of the Ottoman Empire and feel the spiritual atmosphere of those times, the Sultan's Ceremonial Shield is a unique opportunity.


We would like to highlight that this shield is a one-of-a-kind creation, crafted with great care and precision. This enhances the uniqueness and value of the piece. The Sultan's Ceremonial Shield is a perfect option to display the grandeur of the Ottoman Empire in your home or office; witness the unique fusion of history and art. This shield will bring the glorious days and spiritual richness of the past to you.

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